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Human Hair Extension Salons

About Hair Extensions can be say that they are the "most up-to-date" beauty tool in the beauty world, along with more and more human hair extension salons offering this service.  Regarding hair extensions techniques, every month a new system shows up but most of them are very similar to the currently existing only having an insignificant variation just to justify the new brand name. In the whole picture additions for hair are on the increase in fame all around the globe as also is the buzz that hair extensions can damage the natural hair and this is what the medical community is talking, worried about hair extensions techniques causing induced hair loss by traction at most extension salons offering extensions for hair.

Extensions for Hair

In just a few years more and more human hair extension salons entered the scene and more brand names of hair extensions techniques  were introduced to the market.  In the same period more and more reports about hair extensions techniques that are causing damage increased inclusive in the rich and famous celebrities group of people that ended up with few hairs left.  Extensions for hair are available in so many methods that it is very mystifying in particular when it is promised something that is never delivered.

Decades ago Rodolfo Valentin was the only one offering a kind of custom made hair additions in the New York area with a prominent famous hair salon in Long Island NY. As a illustrious beauty oriented magazine, Allure noted back then: "worth the trek" in its City-by-City to be the best issue and highlighted Rodolfo Valentin as best hair salon and day spa for hair coloring and hair extensions. From the end of the 80's Rodolfo Valentin is the unconditional person to see for any hair addition or hair replacement needs as his salons are holding an unprecedented knowledge and experience in the field compare to none.

Human Hair Extension Salons
Famous Rodolfo Valentin hair extension salons raised when hair infusion additions was offered and today hair infusion additions are recognized as the only hair extension safe to the natural hair as documented by the specialists.

What's more notorious regarding additions of hair is that hair infusion additions are furthermore the only reusable extension available which makes this product very affordable.

Enjoy all the information of hair extensions included in this hairextensionsalons.com website and visit our locations in New York City, New York, NYC, Long Island NY near all towns in tri state of NY, NJ, CT.

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