Brooklyn Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions in Brooklyn at the Best Extensions Brooklyn Salons

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Brooklyn Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions in Brooklyn are found at the Best Hair Extension Salons of Rodolfo Valentin experts, named as #1 of Brooklyn Heights Salons Brooklyn NY, performing most of Brooklyn hair extensions customers in the New York City location or at the Long Island location, both near most of Brooklyn neighborhoods like Cobble Hills Brooklyn, Manhattan Beach, Beverly Square West, Dumbo Brooklyn, Prospect Park South Brooklyn, Park Slope and the favorite of the beauty salons Brooklyn Heights, for the Best hair extensions Brooklyn can offer.
• Trademark owners of the safest hair extensions
• Designers of the first hair extensions in the world
• Hair loss replacement experts
• Voted as the world’s best hair extensions salons is named as the world’s best Hair Extensions Salons. We are very well known for offering QUALITY hair extension, NOT QUANTITY of choices as a supermaket shelf as other hair extension salons do to confuse customers. We only propose unmatched superior kind of hair extension and the most important SAFETY to the natural hair.
We are leaders for hair extensions in Brooklyn, since most of Brooklyn hair extensions are performed by our experts named as the best hair extensions Brooklyn neighbors can get. In fact, we do almost the 90% of all hair extensions done in the New York area, including foreign visitors from all over the world.
Our unique hair extensions are handmade on premises at our Hair Boutique in New York City or at our award winner best salon on Long Island.  Hair color if not already available in natural source is also custom made to the client’s preferences as well as the combination of several shades to achieve multi-tones illumination results.
Women or men searching to get Brooklyn hair extensions are welcome to visit us at any of our locations tactically situated to be near any of the five boroughs neighborhoods to offer the best hair extensions Brooklyn can recommend.
Our New York Salon in the chic Madison Avenue near 62nd. Street has windows wall to wall for entertaining our customers with the spontaneous fashion parade show that only can be watched in Madison Avenue, with customers leaving the premises of the most famous brands around us like Hermes, Chanel, and Dior.
For a more relaxing experience, our 10,000 SF Salon and Spa in Long Island proposes a Roman Square ambiance open to the skies, winner of the best salon on Long Island award in more than 9 nominations. It is also near Brooklyn areas to have hair extension that no other salon can counterpart our status for hair extensions damage free.  
Special welcome to visitors from:
  • Brooklyn Heights Salons Brooklyn NY
  • Cobble Hills Brooklyn
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Beverly Square West
  • Dumbo Brooklyn
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