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Extensions hair color are readily available in all the basic shades and the hair color extensions can be made in all shades and tones desired. Basic extensions hair color runs from the classic black passing through the different shades of brown, blonde, highlights or platinum. Theser are ready available at the award winners of the best hair colorists Salons including best hair extensions colors.

To all these starting points of hair color extensions any up or down shade can be added including all the degrees in between or the use of highlights or lowlights to increase or lower a shade. Extensions hair color in fancy shades can also be created and the limit is the sky.

The experience when customizing the hair color extensions at any of the Rodolfo Valentin Salons is fascinating.  The hair that is employ to make the famous hair extensions by Rodolfo Valentin is of the highest quality 100% human hair from different sources and ethnic origins as being Caucasian, Indian, Chinese and African. All of them kept in a pure state when reaches the hands of Rodolfo Valentin.

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the hair used for extensions at these famous extension salons, hair is handled with the same care that it is observed when working in the customer's own hair, also the same applies when the operators are customizing hair to accomplish extensions hair color requirements from a specific client.

The starting point is that the additions of Rodolfo Valentin Hair Salons are the only reusable and therefore are meant to maintain the integrity of the hair. These are the basic principles and the reason why the texture and the hair extensions colors of Rodolfo Valentin are bright and have a healthier, more natural appearance compared to most tresses additions available. It is in addition the primarily grounds why Rodolfo Valentin Best hair extension salons are the winners of the Best hair extension salons 2011 award and the most important hair extension salons for women and men in NYC, New York, NJ, CT, Long Island NY, serving patrons from Westchester, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Queens.


By using "Hair Infusion", clients can add color and highlights without any chemicals, perfect for clients who may have allergies. What's more? Hair Infusion is a simple, relative quick procedure, saving time and money. Color is blended into the hair faster than in a typical coloring procedure. And, by using different tones and highlights, clients can avoid the uniform colors associated with traditional hair extensions.

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