Hair Extensions Prices

Hair Extensions Prices in Salons, Hair Extensions Prices NYC,

Hair Extensions Price Range

Hair Extensions prices in Salons can be from $ 500 dollars up to over $ 5,000 dollars. The Hair extensions price range is so wide for different reasons; the lowest of the hair extensions prices include cheap quality hair, cheap techniques, also the risk of suffering hair loss, and even dreadful customer service. It is important to any individual being treated with respect since good attention is important as rudeness is offensive to anyone.


Hair Extensions Prices in Salons

Hair Extensions prices that are higher compare to other hair extensions cost NYC providers means top quality human hair from European countries in comparison to the cheapest ones that offers only hair that is available in bulk amounts. These are Chinese or Indian hair that of course does not match the texture of Caucasian customers.
Hair Extensions Prices NYC

In the other end of the hair extensions prices which can be $ 5,000 or more, it is also an exaggerated price as it is as bad as the lower risky hair extensions price range of $ 500. - The highest is a scam, the lowest represents hair damage.

We are the only salons offering the original hair infusion extensions in the world. Why we said that in this globalized era? Simply because we are the designers of this unique hair extension technique that is the only one approved by Doctors which is recognized as damage free. In the present time, as a result of the shortage of quality European Human Hair, we cannot produce it in huge quantity, mainly because we are only capable of offering it to our exclusive clientele that is endlessly growing  from all over the world. We have performed already over 40 thousand hair infusions! How much does hair infusion cost? It is in between the highest and the lowest of any other hair extensions price range.  The Hair infusion cost is the $ 2,800 per set that will be enough to fill up a head of hair unless that the customer desires much more extra volume.
Hair Infusion Cost How much does hair infusion cost?
The Hair infusion cost includes the most important feature that others of course will not even mention, it is REUSABLE.  Yes!, hair infusion extensions are reusable for which it adds to the question of “how much does hair infusion cost”, the lowest priced hair extension method in the world.
What else to say about it, endless qualities that no other hair extension can offer, safety to the natural hair, almost invisible for each complexion, pure 100% Remy hair, which means that the hair has never been chemically treated as most of the other $ 500 dollars hair extensions offered in the market. See it for yourself, challenge the hair extension salon offering the $ 500 dollars hair extension by asking them to alter the hair extension color to another shade, you will see with your own eyes how the hair color of the extension takes a non natural shade that usually turns into green or violet. It means it is  “Chemically treated hair”, very far from what natural hair of top quality means.  The texture in the hair used in our hair infusion extensions can also be changed from straight to curly or back, just as any other natural hair.
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