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Best hair extensions salons of Rodolfo Valentin known as the Hair Infusion NYC salons or Long Island Beauty Center Salon spa are the only places to visit for damage free hair extensions, no heat hair extensions. The exclusive hair infusions technique is only offered at Rodolfo Valentin Hair Infusion NYC Salons and Long Island Salon Spa. At these salons is where to find this original hair additions as per the innovative drawing including the technique. It is still the best and the only damage free hair extensions around at the moment plus the only no heat hair extensions method.

This fashionable extension technique only available at these the best hair extensions salons, is the result of a superior edition of an previous extension method that were designed by specialist Rodolfo Valentin more or less three decades ago under the name of Fusion Hair Extensions and overflowed a position in the beauty industry. Almost thirty years back in time hair extensions were practically not present in the industry and the few ones existing were of awfully cheap value and potentially very destructive to the client's own locks.
Best hair extensions salons of Hair Infusions additions is a restricted brand name of Rodolfo Valentin superb technique along with the fact that he is internationally notorious for his involvement to the hair extension, hair loss, hair replacement industry.

Valentin's hair infusions are offered at their  NYC salons and the Long Island Salon Spa, are very highly recommended and their unique hair addition itself is very well documented by qualified professionals in the medical society as one of the safest resources of using hair extensions as it does not set any needless pressure or injure on the natural hair. A number of other hair extension products are not as safe as they can cause hair loss by traction.

Safe hair extensions is a synonym of  Rodolfo Valentin's exceptional additions of hair that only at Hair Infusion NYC salons or Rodolfo Valentin Long Island Salon Spa are available. As celebrities, super models, socialites, executive women, stylish housewife's or even royalty agree, these are the best hair additions that cannot be found anywhere else!.  Rodolfo Valentin Salons intentionally located in the tri state region for women or men searching New York City hair extensions, Hair extensions Westchester, Queens hair extensions, Manhattan hair extensions, Hair extensions in CT, or NJ hair extensions. 

Our award winning Long Island Beauty Center as seen in the website, is located in the south shore of Long Island is the famous Long Island hair extensions salon, just a few minutes from JFK Airport near most of Long Island towns like Manhasset, Brookville, Roslyn Estates, Oyster Bay Cove, Old Westbury, Muttowntown, Munsey Park, Sands Point, North Hills also near Queens, Brooklyn areas.

Rodolfo Valentin introduced his exclusive, trademarked new technique--Hair Infusions, a safer, better way to have longer, fuller hair. After years of research and experience, Rodolfo believed that traditional hair extensions were unsafe for his that the weight of the extensions debilitated and caused damage.

The old style hair extensions are heavy pieces of hair made to hang from small pieces of the client's own hair, or else extensions are sewn into mini beads with the client’s natural hair. Either way, the results is the same...the weight of the extension causes significant pulling and breaking of the client's natural hair. By contrast, Rodolfo's "Hair Infusion" is small, flat, extremely lightweight pieces of human hair that is completely safe.

A perfectionist in his field, Rodolfo Valentin is always searching for new ways to treat and color hair safely. He listens to his client’s needs, examines their color and hair texture, and tailors each "Hair Infusion" personally. Since RV began his revolutionary technique, hundreds of clients' reports that their own hair has grown longer and healthier.

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