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Hair Loss Extensions Women are the main expertise of the hair loss authority Rodolfo Valentin who's hair extensions  for hair loss have been recognized from the medical world as the "type of addition of hair and gentle technique to increase hair volume with minimal tension on the existing hair. Rodolfo Valentin hair infusion needs minimal maintenance"...
Hair Infusion are the unique hair addition to be use in women or men losing their hair.  Furthermore these exceptional hair extensions for hair loss are exclusively available at the famous hair extension salon of Rodolfo Valentin in New York City, New York, at the Hair Boutique in NYC or at the Long Island Beauty Center in Long Island NY, near most important spots. 



Hair Loss Extensions Women


In fact, the first hair loss extensions  women customer of Rodolfo Valentin was his own mother and as famous hair loss Doctor noted in her book: "Rodolfo Valentin is a remarkable man whose mother was passionate about her hair. When she was diagnosed with cancer and required chemotherapy, Rodolfo Valentin could sense that she was specially devastated by the loss of her hair during treatment. When her hair started growing back, he developed his famous extensions to replace the loss of hair named: Hair was his first experience on  creating these additions for someone losing the hair.


Hair Infusion are the only hair extensions for hair loss that can be used in patients suffering from losing tresses and same as the proverb says " while there is life, there is hope", "while there is hair, there is optimism"...While there is a minimum amount of hair, the hair infusion can be safely used to increase volume, length or both without damaging the existing natural hair. If the amount of hair lost is extremely extended, then a fusion hair piece can be combined with the hair infusion for a total hair replacement solution and a fine-looking filled head of hair.


The only extensions for hair loss women, are only offered at the hair loss extensions salons of Rodolfo Valentin, the expert that clearly understand the hair loss sufferers in every matters always hardly working for women and men searching for hair loss NJ, female hair loss NYCHair loss CT, Long Island NY.



"Hair Infusion" is the safest and healthiest way to increase volume for clients with thinning hair.  The lightness of the "Hair Infusion" coupled with its flat shape is the answer for fuller, more beautiful hair. While classic hair extensions may add length to your hair, "Hair Infusion” can also be used for those who prefer a short hairstyle.
Rodolfo Valentin's Hair Infusion is offered in a variety of lengths, all done to the clients' specifications.

extensions for hair loss
Extensions for Hair Loss
hair extensions for hair loss
Hair Loss Extensions
hair loss extensions
Hair loss extensions for hair loss