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As recommended by the medical world, our hair infusion extensions are the only medical hair extensions available in the market (also known as medical tape hair extensions) plus the only available in the market for medical hair loss sufferers.  Our medical hair extensions are only using the medical adhesive hair extensions in the market.  
As noted in the “Forget the facelift” book from celebrity dermatologist Doris Day “hair infusion extension is a gentle technique to increase hair volume with minimal tension on the existing hair. It needs minimal maintenance”. (Scroll down for book-page).

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Superlative approach to consider the manner that hair grows is to image a garden. The result of how healthy the hair grows is similar to the way that a plant grows since is closely related to what is going on underground.  The hair loss conditions can have several names like:

·         Alopecia Areata

·         Trichotillomania

·         Traction Alopecia (caused by the wrong hair extensions)

·         Tinea Capiti ( fungal infection)

·         Telogen Effluvium

·         Androgenic Alopecia

·         Female Baldness

·         Chemotherapy

·         Thinning Hair Aging  Condition

·         Bad Quality Hair Extension Technique

Chemotherapy can place women with very scarce alternatives. Medical hair extensions specifically crafted for medical hair loss are firmly using medical adhesive hair extensions to 100% complete the final product meaning: medical hair extensions.  The only medical hair extensions are the trademarked hair infusion extensions only available at their trademark owners’ salons:  “New York Hair Salon” in Madison Avenue, New York City, NYC, at their “Hair Boutique” also in Manhattan midtown or at their Long Island Beauty Salon Spa in Long Island NY. This is the only extension medical approved that is also called as the medical tape hair extensions, the most inoffensive, healthy hair addition not only for its complexion but also for its weightless, heatless application for a total damage free product.

Medical Hair Loss


Growing cycles are vital since they can be limited for any of the grounds noted above; this is when the individual is suffering hair loss. Medications related to illnesses, infections inclusive chemicals contamination are having the power to halt hair loss or for the hair to grow properly.

Even though hair loss might appear like a more endemic problem in males, women are closely as expected to suffer thinning, hair, or sometimes to lose it. Most women can start to notice it in their middle age but increasable it is being reported to happen much earlier for a diversity of motives.

Usually as a norm’s life, people lose wherever between fifty to the double of it threads of hair every day. That amount of hair loss can be double when the person washes the hair. Of course to evade washing the hair is not an answer because grease that accumulates in the roots can block the porous or the hair that will in the long run fall anyhow.

Medical Tape Hair Extensions

 "Not anything can terminate your hair more rapidly than hair extensions” stated Jennifer Aniston to Harper’s Bazaar magazine in an interview. More and more celebrities are now finding that our medical hair extensions are the safest hair extensions in the world reason why our clientele from Manhattan, New York City, New York, NYC, Westchester, Brooklyn, Connecticut, CT, New Jersey, NJ, Long Island, Staten Island, Boston, Philadelphia or our celebrities including super models from Los Angeles, London UK, Paris, Rome or the entire world are depending on us.

Medical Hair Restoration

Our hair infusion extensions are the chosen product for medical hair restoration. Unhappily our hair infusion extensions can only be have at our salons locations in Manhattan, New York City, NYC or Long Island NY, but we are strategically located near enough everybody. Our Long Island location is the favorite of the celebrities from Los Angeles, CA for its situation next to JFK Airport, fifteen minutes away in Nassau County, for which we are also known as the best of Nassau County Salons, in the South Shore of Long Island NY.

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