Volume Hair Extensions

Volume extensions for volume hair extensions, Best extensions for volume

Volume extensions for volume hair extensions only, are rare to find. Most of the hair adiitions available are mean to add length and almost none can be named best extensions for volume.  Rodolfo Valentin noticed that there was a enormous hole in the marketplace for good value, harmless product that can be used as volume extensions or called best hair extensions for volume, and determined to do something about it.


He declined to use the careless methods available even if they are claiming to be the best hair additions than other stylists uses along with the feeling of originating panic or causing injury to the customer.  While liking the idea of using extensions to augment a client's look, consequently Rodolfo Valentin decided to propose a method of adding volume extensions using a technique that was harmless and that seemed to give great healthy results in addition to gave women and men all around the world the hair they have forever dreamt of.


The perfect plus the best extensions for volume to add dimensions to the tresses only, are known as "Hair Infusion", the most excellent additions for hair. Rodolfo Valentin unique tresses additions are also known as the best extensions for hair also best additions for hair dimensions results  that can be as well be entitled as the best extensions for short hair.  The reason is that  his technique engages in using slim strips of consistently dispersed top quality of 100% human hair to grant a more natural look. The thin strips of hair look as well as perform like the recipient natural hair, but the principal dilemma Rodolfo Valentin come across was to join the hair extension to the natural hair with no damage or ache to the customer and their natural hair.

Other methods in the past have used and still are using rigid glues to put together the extensions which can harshly damage the hair. Others stitch the extensions in causing excessive pressure to the scalp which can be very painful for the client, specially at sleeping time. Best extensions for hair plus the best additions to increase amount are available at Rodolfo Valentin best extensions salons having added to women and men from different countries of the world several thousands of these unique hair additions from the past 30 years.


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As featured virtually in every magazine and newspaper in earth from Glamour Magazine, W Magazine, Elle Magazine, New York Magazine, Vogue Magazine, New York Post, and more. The unlimited expertise of Rodolfo Valentin has been named by the most prominent press as the "walking encyclopedia of hair", " A kind of hair couturier" by New York Times, "Rodolfo Valentin the wizard of hair" by Newsday or "come with the hair you have and get the hair you have always crave" by the prestigious British newspaper "London Sunday Times"... 


By complimentary appointment consultation at any of the three locations customers can rest assured that their searching for the best extensions have finished,   simply because they have been found!